Our 7 Step Web Design Process


The first step of web design is always about information gathering. Gathering information about your business and competitors.

  What is the website purpose?

  What are the website goals?

  What is the websites target audience?

  Who are your competitors?

Step 2 is all about planning. We create an SEO strategy. plan the website structure and create a sitemap.  Technologies such as 3rd party plugins or software needed are discussed.

  Create an SEO strategy

  Website structure & sitemap

  What technology will be used?



This is where we start to design the website visually. We create wireframe models (website blueprints) to test out how the website will look visually and what the user interface should look like.

  Create wireframe models

  Visual Style

Content is the next and very important part of the process. Choosing the right text, images and videos. Optimized not only for your visitors, but also for search engines (SEO).

  Text & Copywriting

  Photos & Videos



Here, in phase 5, we create the website using html markup and CSS along with other technologies using the wireframe created earlier. We create a responsive web design so the website looks good on all devices.


  Responsive web design

  Responsive Design

In step 6, we test all of the technical features, like code, scripts and compatibility with major browsers. We also ask ourselves, does the website really fulfill its purpose?

  Technical Testing

  Browser Compatibility

  “Does it fulfill its purpose?”


7. Deployment

After we launch the website, our job is definitely not done yet. We’re always monitor what’s happened after the start, enabling us to fix any possible deficiencies. If you want, we can also manage any future website updates and maintenance for you.

  Website Monitoring

  Possible Bug Fixes

  Maintenance & Support

We create engaging websites that will convert visitors into customers. We understand the web design process can be confusing and overwhelming. We take on most of the work, aside from an initial questionnaire and feedback, you won’t have to worry about a thing. We work with our clients each and every step of the way, taking the time to educate them on the process. Were not happy with the end result until your happy!

Doreen Alsen
Web Design, SEO, Graphic Design
Doreen Alsen
Strength Curve Fit
Web Design, SEO, Logo Design, Graphic Design
Strength Curve Fit